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Porsche Cayenne Hybrid Turbochargers

Application:  Porsche Cayenne Turbo 4.5 litre V8 engines

Hybrid turbo conversion for standard IHI turbocharger part numbers VVQ1 & VVQ2

MD561 & MD562 - Stage 1 Hybrid Turbos

  • Ball Bearing hybrid IHI CHRA assembly retrofitted – allows the use of the original oil and water lines, no plumbing modifications required
  • Turbo Dynamics designed 6 Blade Billet Compressor Wheel providing optimal airflow
  • Compressor cover modified to suit new larger compressor wheel
  • Turbine housing modified to accommodate new larger turbine wheel
  • Turbine wheel modified to reduce backpressure
  • Uprated actuator optional
  • Recommended maximum boost level:  22-24 PSI
  • Estimated Power Output:  Up to 700 bhp

Please Note: This application needs exact engine management settings and a free flow exhaust system to achieve these horsepower figures.